Share Your Flag

We love all the hard work and detail our customers put into their flags! There is nothing people want to see more than your unique custom printed design. Show us how you rep your University Customs flag with an uploaded image below and get a chance to win  “Custom Flag of the Month” and free flag!

  • Chuck Dusty

    She makes it hard to study, but she keeps looks over me as I sleep. I feel safe in her arms.

  • Joey Lopez

    You are an awesome company! You did a phenomenal job with our flag and it came just in time for Bonnaroo! I can’t say enough good things about your product or the excellent customer service. Keep up the good work!


    I honestly didn’t expect you guys to pull this off, and not because of your lack of ability but because we ordered late and we ordered 3 flags. You guys exceeded expectations and our flags were waiting for us in TN for when we arrived for Bonnaroo. Highly recommended.

  • Zach Jacobs

    I was blown away when my flag arrived and it was, pixel by pixel, exactly what I designed. University Customs is by far the best place to get your own custom flags. Especially if you want something as dumb as what I ordered. Side note: they are really big and super inexpensive!

  • Erik Chard

    My lovely Spartan Bonnaroo flag!

  • AJ Gianni

    You guys did a great job printing my design. Love the way it turned out! Look for me at EF, Bisco and Moonrise this summer!

  • You guys are quacktastic.

  • Brian Kroll

    Love em

  • BostonShawn


  • Fbu

    BMO Bassnectar flag

  • Sean Williams

    In writing a dystopian action adventure novel series. I needed a flag that only stand out on promotional tours and book signings, but I needed one that matched the picture painted in my story of true evil. The Femtheist have 3 laws.
    1. The Global Male Population must be reduced to 1/10 of what it is
    2. The remaining 1/10 must be secluded far away from any female society
    3. 9/10 newborn babies must be genetically altered to grow up as women
    I needed a flag that was distinctly female, yet also would get across the true disdain this extremist group of feminists feels towards men. Since female black widows devour the male after sex, I could think of no better symbolism for the center circle of the female symbol. I ordered four, the flags were very well crafted and I plan on sticking with this company in the future for other flags that will be need to be made along the way to the best seller list, I also will refer people to UC Customs who wish to purchase this and other future items.

  • Sean Williams

    nice flag but Sparty wont beat the Mighty Ducks

  • David Longden

    Hanging up in the basement studio… travels with us to to play shows! Love the work you guys put into this. It far exceeded expectations!!

  • Charles Pastrano

    We debut our flag yesterday. Everyone loved it! Thank you UC!

  • Emily Shafer

    This here flag has been the single silliest thing I’ve ever come up with. But I think it sums up Festival season pretty well. It helped people find their way at Electric Forest and I’m hoping it can do the same at Moonrise, Summerdance, TomorrowWorld and many fests to come! The flag is great quality and came pretty quick. Giggity.

  • Trish Bachman

    I’m totally, 100% in awe of the team over at University Customs. Luke and Ted took a fuzzy, older-than-dirt jpg that I sent them and kept on modifying and sharpening it until it was EXACTLY what I envisioned. They seriously worked on the image for weeks, as I kept nitpicking and asking questions – and the whole time they were the most PLEASANT, lovely people I could ever imagine interacting with. They truly, truly want you to be completely happy. I don’t believe there is anyone else out there who is willing to do this much editing, with this low a price, and with such fast and careful shipping. The material is high quality and the image is sharp and perfect. These guys really are the best out there. If you need a flag and don’t want to spend the time and money on trying to make one yourself (I mean, really, $30 for something that there is no way I would be able to sew or print on my own….that’s just an insane bargain), they are super easy to work with – renn faires, sporting events, festivals, open houses, LARP events, the possibilities are really endless and you will look snazzier than ever!

  • JS

    Used these for EDC Puerto Rico. Ordering more shortly, Great job!

  • Tim Bakkehaug

    My DOOOOPE BIg Gigantic x Griz flag!!!

  • Eddie Carmack

    Just got my Texas Hippie a flag. Wow guys. I love it it so much. I will be making lots more flags at this price. Great quaility.

  • Eddie Carmack


  • Luke

    Your flags are amazing. Even though I submitted a 72dpi image, it still came out beautifully. Thanks guys

  • Hunter

    My super sweet flag! I had to order a few more after the first one also. These guys do good work 😛 Since no one has posted in a longgg time. I wanted to show they are still doing high quality work!

  • Ang

    this is fucking awesome

  • Beth Jackson Reeser

    We ran the Atlanta Ragnar last weekend and proudly flew our flag at our campsite and ran across the finish line with it. Thanks for making such awesome flag!!

  • Jaguar

    She finally got stolen on Holy Ship, but I’m coming back for an all new design for Defqon.1!

  • David Damps

    Was a little scary ordering this because I had no idea how it would turn out. My favorite artist loved it and I got a picture with him in part to this flag! Thanks University Customs!

  • Jose M Gonzalez

    came out perfect can’t wait to make my next one! this one is headed to EDC then to SCMF. i loved it!

  • Phong NP

    I ordered over 20+ flags from university customs at this point, all awesome prints.
    If we ever ran into issues, Ted and UC always went the extra mile to make sure our concerns were resolved in a timely manner.

    Excellent customer service, and professionalism.
    here is a photo of one of our custom flags at EDC 2016 flying high during their “Live stream” for the world to see.

  • Brett Grimsley

    I’ve not ordered yet (mainly because they don’t ship to the UK). Please don’t rip me apart just because it is Communist because it was just an idea I have spent hours on. It was inspired by the flag of the Union of Socialist Eurasia by YouTube use Slegonion Productions. The one on the left is my design and the one on the right is the original one.

  • Brandon

    Zedd has made a big impact on my life and when I saw he was going to Moonrise I had to make a flag. If you followed him on snapchat (The weekend of moonrise) he even put me and my flag on his story! 😀 Thanks for printing out my design guys. Wish I would have made my design a bit bigger because it was a bit pixly but it wasn’t noticeable when it was waving high during moonrise. I recommend this company to anyone wanting a custom printed flag.

  • Brandon

    Noise vs beauty squares! 😉 Love this, but I didn’t see you at moonrise sadly. If i would have I would have said sick flag! 😀

  • Phong Nguyen

    Hey! i was there too! i see you have ordered a lot of flags! if you could email me i have a couple questions for ya!

  • Lucy Zuo
    Custom made this simple Adventure Club flag about a year and a half ago with the intention of bring it to LED at the Armory in SF. Ordered a month before the event and thought it wouldn’t make it but arrived a week before the event. Adventure Club is one of my favorite EDM artist, I’ve brought this flag to EDC 2016 and again to OMFG NYE 2016 to see them. Finally we were able to get the flag signed by Leighton and Christian!! <3 Best purchase I've made. ^^ Thank you University Custom.

  • Ian Savage