Oct 21, 2019

5 Helpful Escape: Psycho Circus Tips

Below are 5 helpful tips to keep in mind if you’re going to Escape: Psycho Circus this Halloween weekend.


1. Arrive early

Escape is always very crowded every year. The event has definitely outgrown that venue but we’ll see if the changes they’ve made this year help with creating more space.
I would suggest arriving early to take pictures with the photo ops like the Escape sign, filling up your hydration packs at the water stations and buying merch before the lines for everything get way too long.


2. Download the Insomniac app

On the app you can “favorite” the DJs you want to see at the festival and when the set times get posted you will have a custom schedule made just for you.



3. Familiarize yourself with the festival map

You can save this photo to your phone but it will also be available on the Insomniac app.

Even if you’ve attended Escape before it’s important to familiarize yourself with the updated map for this year because they’ve changed a lot of things since last year. There’s no more Asylum, which was the haunted house of Escape. They’ve replaced the area with “Crazy Town” which will have several different attractions.

They even changed the names of all the stages this year as well.  The stages that were formerly called Slaughterhouse, Ghouls’ Graveyard, Chopping Block and Cannibals’ Tea Party are now: The Grimm, Sanitarium, Psycho Circus and Sewer District.


4. Watch at least one set at each of the 4 stages

Below is the Escape lineup by day and  stage. I would recommend seeing at least one set per stage each night to get the full experience of the festival. The Grimm is the main stage and will be the biggest megastructure in Insomniac’s history, even bigger than the previous EDC Las Vegas megastructure. As for the other stages you can see that they’re hosted by different brands so you’ll want to make sure you’ll get a taste of each while you’re there.

5. Go to the med tent if you have to.

If you or one of your friends overdid it with drugs or alcohol it’s important to visit first aid. There’s a common misconception that you’ll “get in trouble” if you show up to the med tent under the influence but really they just want to help you feel better. Typically they’ll just give you a place to rest while you sober up and give you an IV with fluids to help if needed.

There’s also a safe zone called “Oasis” on the map where you can also go chill if you need a break. And there will be people there to help if you need anything.