Nov 18, 2019

Dreamstate 2019 (10 Must-See Acts)

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events

Dreamstate is a 2-day all trance festival held annually by Insomniac Events at the NOS Events Center San Bernardino, CA. Some people may think two full days is “too much trance,” but there are so many different sub genres and styles that the lineup is actually really diverse. There are also 4 stages so you can hop around if you’re not feeling some of the music: The Dream (main stage), The Vision and The Sequence.

This is a list of 10 must-see acts you should checkout if you’re going to Dreamstate in Southern California:

1. Abraxis

A new psytrance project by Seven Lions and Dimibo. Seven Lions has already released a few psytrance songs aside from Abraxis including: After Dark (with Blastoyz) and The Sirens (with Jason Ross). Their first official song release a duo Old Gods can be found on their YouTube here.

2. Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond is one of the biggest acts in trance music being well known to everyone in the dance music world. Even to those fans who are not big into trance or who have never given their music a listen has definitely still heard their song Sun & Moon. It is one of the most popular songs in EDM history.

3. Ace Ventura

There are so many good psytrance artists on the lineup this year. It was hard to choose only a few to fit in this list. However, Ace Ventura is a classic psytrance producer / DJ who puts on a great show. Anyone who catches his set at Dreamstate will not be disappointed. His side project Alpha Portal with Astrix is also worth checking out live if ever given the chance.

4. Andrew Beyer b2b Ilan Bluestone

B2b (back-to-back) sets are always a unique experience. Andrew Beyer’s and Ilan Bluestone’s individual sets are always amazing, but what will the vibe be like seeing these two different personalities interacting on stage together?

5. Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten has been a legend in trance music since the dawn of time. His song Beautiful (2006) has been remixed in so many different genres of dance music over the years. A couple of his aliases Gouryella (originally a duo act with DJ Tiesto) and System F are legendary acts in trance history as well. His contemporary releases are just as stunning as his classic ones. Seeing a live set by this legend would be an amazing opportunity.

6. Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery has consistently put out amazing music his entire career which is extremely rare and fascinating. A lot of producers put out new music that’s hit or miss throughout their career over time. But every album, every song Gareth emery releases into the world seems to be a successful hit every time. His live sets are just as consistently amazing each time.


HLIENE is a singer / songwriter who is not only a prominent vocalist in trance music but huge in the EDM world in general collaborating on songs with Seven Lions, Illenium, Slander,  Gareth Emery, Ferry Corsten and so many more. She will be singing live to multiple DJ sets Night 1 on Friday.

8. Jason Ross

With so much diversity in his releases including trance music, psytrance, future bass and more, his live sets are just as diverse. Not knowing what to expect next is part of the excitement at a Jason Ross set.

9. Vini Vici

Another great psytrance act on the lineup. Their song with Armin Van Buuren “Great Spirit” is a song that is so popular that it’s been played by in live sets and remixed by DJs of all different EDM genres.

10. Yoji Biomehanika

Yoji has predominantly been a hard dance music producer DJ in the past. Seeing him on this all trance lineup sparks interest. What kind of surprise set does he have in-store for Dreamstate?


Checkout this Spotify playlist with song recommendations from every artist mentioned here.