Oct 07, 2019

EDC Las Vegas 2020 is 100% SOLD OUT!

Photo Credit: Calder Wilson for Insomniac Events


It really did happen y’all. EDC Las Vegas 2020 is 100% sold out. This is the first time in history EDC has sold out in record breaking time. GA, GA+ and VIP tickets, and all camping options are sold out. It’s left a lot of people asking questions like why? How? And the biggest question of all: Will tickets go on sale again?


Why did EDC Las Vegas sell out so fast this year? What makes it different than any of the other years before?

First of all, everyone wants to go to EDC. It’s almost a rite of passage for every raver and dance music lover to attend EDC. It is literally the biggest edm festival in the world bringing in 450k people in 1 weekend each year. There’s a misconception that Tomorrowland is the biggest but it actually only brings in 425k people and that’s over the course of 2 separate weekends.

On top of that, next year will be the10 year anniversary since it moved from southern california to Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2010 EDC was kicked out of Los Angeles, CA. If you want to know more about why you can checkout a documentary called The Last Dance by Le Liu on youtube.

So everyone is extra hyped because we all know Insomniac is going to go all out for the 10 year anniversary. It’s going to be the biggest and craziest EDC yet!


How did it sell out so fast?

A lot of tickets were secured through payment plans. People only have to pay a deposit and then monthly payments to pay for their ticket. 


Will tickets go back on sale again?

Any tickets that were originally secured through payment plans that are canceled for whatever reason will go back on sale at some point. Insomniac will most likely hoard them and then put them out for grabs again all at once.


For a more in depth look at why / how EDCLV tickets and camping passes sold out so fast this year, checkout this YouTube video: